Pest Control Services Frequently Asked Questions Page


What is pest control?
Pest control will minimise or remove undesirable insects and pests from your living space.  

Why is pest control necessary?
Pests can cause structural damage to your home. Not to mention spreading disease.  

Can I control pests myself?
To an extent, yes ...but many people think they can deal with the pest problem themselves by buying pest control products from a DIY store but many of the products have a low percentage of insecticide. Dealing with your own pest control can be an expensive waste of time and money.  

Why should I use a professional pest controller?
A professional pest controller will tailor a customised treatment program for your home. So pests are removed efficiently and safely. Pest controllers are expertly equipped to save you time, money and health hazards.  

How much will a pest controller cost?
Pest control falls into two broad categories: general household & commercial pest control. The cost of your pest controller depends on the level of service you need.  

Should I get a quote?
Absolutely. Compare several quotes for similar services before selecting your pest controller. Ensure you get an itemised quote upfront. So you know exactly what your paying for.  

Is my pest controller insured?
Your pest controller should produce a copy of their Public/Product Liability Insurances.  

How do I prepare for my pest controller?
Preparation requirements depend on what type of pest treatment is being administered. General preparation can include:  

1.Remove all consumable items
2.Clear all floor surfaces
3.Unplug all heating items
4.Extinguish all pilot lights
5.Close all doors to wardrobes, drawers etc
6.Keep all people, pets and plants out of the house during treatment  


Keeping your home or retail/commercial premises clean
is one of the most useful tips to prevent pest infestation.  

Clean up any damp spaces.
Close and seal any cracks or crevices.
Avoid rubbish buildup.
Empty waste daily.
Clean up any food workstations.
Keep dustbins and pet food tightly covered.
Do not leave pet food out overnight.
Do not keep open bags of food.
Clean your dishes immediately after use.
Vacuum regularly.




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